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The following narrative is taken from the book prepared for the school’s 125th celebrations. The committee who reaffirmed the traditions and memories of all past students and families of Gowrie State School tells a story of how the community and school are true partners, value local culture and identity and is a testimony to the level of school community spirit. Our history starts with an influx of settlers and railway workers into the Gowrie Junction area in the 1870’s.The initial approach to the Department of Public Instruction was made by a School Building Committee on 13 September 1876. The application was approved subject to receipt of subscriptions.
A school and residence were built at the present site, with the first pupils commencing on the 1st March 1878. The list of proposed pupils submitted in 1876 included 75 names and it appears that most of these commenced at the new school. There being 70 on the roll in April 1878.
In 1908, the possibility of combining Gowrie Junction and Gowrie Road School to one central facility was a strong possibility. However the Department of Public Instruction reversed this thinking as ‘each community has it’s own school at present and will fight to the bitter end to retain it’s own school”. To better describe this, the following is a list of schools in existence in the Gowrie area:
Gowrie Junction
Gowrie Road
Gowrie Creek
Gowrie Little Plains
Gowrie Mountain
Gowrie Colliery (later Kingsthorpe)
Gowrie Estate (later Charlton)
New buildings were added in 1912 onwards. Our present oldest building is one of these buildings. It is our Music room and is at the front of the school. Again in 1936 a proposal for amalgamation and close the Gowrie Road School was debated. The local families felt strongly about the proposed move. In 1939 , 31 years after the first suggestion of amalgamation, the matter was resolved and no relocation would occur.
The school facilities continued to be expanded and be improved. The name Gowrie Junction State School was changed to Gowrie State School on 2 April 1963. Around the mid 70’s, the community of Gowrie Junction began a period of development that continues today. The village lifestyle that is provided by our area is well regarded and an asset to our school culture. That being, “it takes a village to raise a child’.