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Parenting ideas

At Gowrie State School we use ‘Parenting Ideas’ from Michael Grose, to help parents successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. We’ve got plenty of positive parenting ideas to remove the trial and error from raising children.

Michael is the author of 8 parenting books, and has a background in education. His popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia. He appears regularly on television including Channel Ten’s ‘The Circle’, and is a popular and entertaining speaker as well as a frequent columnist for a variety of written media. He also has a regular fortnightly half hour parenting segment on ABC radio Victoria.

Each week a snippet of Michael’s articles appear in our school newsletter and is updated weekly. Topics focus on behaviour, daily routines, life skills, social challenges and teenagers to name a few.

Parenting ideas is a free website.

Empowering parents

Empowering parents is a free website and offers parenting help on a variety of subjects. Articles are updated on a weekly basis and the school principal selects appropriate articles to assist families encountering challenging behaviour in their children.

Reading habits

Gowrie State School staff teach 7 reading habits to assist students develop effective reading comprehension skills. All habits are intentionally taught in classrooms over a three week period and modelled on weekly assembly by staff.

A good reader will

  • Use a combination of all reading habits each time that they read a text.

  • They know that a text is anything that they can read - a book, a magazine, a poster, a cartoon, a game, a situation, a facial expression.

A good reader will use a range of strategies before, during and after reading to make meaning and will apply reading habits independently and automatically once explicitly taught.